Warning – this artical contains version and database specific information so you cannot take it generally as it is. But nevertheless you may find it usefull.

We made migration from PostgreSQL 8.4 + Jasper 3.7 directly to PostgreSQL 9.3 + Jasper 5.6

Good news:

  • migration works
  • all your old database report function will work
  • all your old reports will work also


Bad news (because nothing is so easy):

  • Jasper 5.6 supports directly migration only from version 4.5
    • but older migration scripts are still available in “/buildomatic/install_resources/sql/” directory
    • so in your migration script you would need to run upgrade scripts from your Jasper version up to 4.5 – these sql scripts update jasper database
  • data source problem – if you use
    • PostgreSQL report functions which generate tables during its run (which is sometimes necessary)
    • + you use JDBS data sources in Jasper 3.7 (which was default in this version)
    • -> then you will need to change datasources to JNDI
  • old Jasper 3.7 report objects as old charts and tables work in Jasper 5.6 – but you will very quickly find that if you need to make some changes in them then you will have to drop them and create new objects


TODO… I will add more soon