Graphs + Groups:

  • proper order of records returned by main data set is the most important thing for proper functionality of groups. Especially if you have nested groups.
  • If you want to display graphs based on grouped values you need to place graph into “header” part of the group.
  • if you use subreports for displaying graphs place graph in “title” of the subreport.
  • If you place graph in some “detail” part you will get multiple same graphs. Number depends on number of records returned by query.
  • If you use nested groups it is necessary to base them on expressions. Group1 = column1, group2 = column1+column2, etc.
  • Be careful if you have main report and subreports. Do not modify them together in Jaspersoft Studio sending them repeatedly to the server having them all opened in editor. Most likely you will be surprised that some changes will be rewritten. Modify them one by one and if you do not work with them close them. It is also a good idea to check sometimes if your changes have been sent to server – just close edit window and open again and check if changes are there.