Idea behind this interactive menu is great. But not for really commercial usage. Reality is that users are either confused or test other types of charts and are not satified with results and report it as an error and…. etc.

So I recommend to switch this interactive menu off.
You can do it globally in main server property file “…your_path_to_jasper…/WEB-INF/classes/” using this property:


Or you can use it locally in report only for some charts (but you will need to repeat this procedure for every chart you want to disable menu on it):

  • in report design in Studio click on HTML5 Chart object
  • in right part you see “Properties”
  • click “Advanced” – in “Misc” there is “Properties” line
  • click – you will see button “…” at the end of the line – click on it
  • you will get new window for “Properties”
  • use “Add” button and add property “com.jaspersoft.jasperreports.highcharts.interactive” with value “false”