There are two Jasper server properties in main server property file “…your_path_to_jasper…/WEB-INF/classes/” which you could need to limit report run (bellow given numbers are just example).

  1. Maximum number of pages which server can produce:

    and property which allows to swith it on/off

  2. Maximal timeout for report run (in miliseconds):

    and property which allows to swith it on/off



You could need it if you have problems with:

  • Jasper server going to infinite loop because of an error in report design
  • users setting crazy conditions for reports and causing overload on Jasper or database because of too big report or too long running queries


You have never seen Jasper in infinite loop? 🙂 Then you are lucky… Sometimes even very small error in report design – like not enough space on page for some objects – can bring Jasper server into infinite loop. So these properties can be very usefull especialy for your development site.